This page was created to help you reclaim & rebuild your life in moving forward from a narcissistic relationship to uncover your true authentic self


Bio: Healing a broken heart is never easy. Knowledge is power and provides the key to unlocking the control of the Narcissist. Abuse of every type: emotional, physical, verbal, psychological, and financial is common with a narc but having the proper survival instincts is what will help in overcoming the abuse you suffered. It's very hard to share your story of abuse, yet you must know you are not alone. As someone who was married to a narc for 11 yrs and had 3 beautiful children (one medically disabled) I can say with certainty it was not easy. The court system often doesn't understand, the police have limited roles in which to help especially with regard to protection orders, and often friends and family find your situation hard to understand. It was eventually when I decided that the abuse was overbearing and harming our children that I sought help and left for good. It took nearly 4 yrs of court battles to secure support, visitation, bankruptcy,& divorce but in the end my freedom and safety as well as that of our 3 children was worth the effort in leaving the abuse. This site is here to help you rebuild yourself, reclaim your life, and move forward to becoming your true authentic self.

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