Recovery from Narcissism ~ Keep the Negativity at Bay~

Truth is you can overcome narcissism~ Many of us have progressed in the journey from victims to survivors and I honestly dislike the term victim because it holds a negative connotation and you must understand that victims of narcissism often are blindsided by the narcs tactics of abuse and mind games, trickery, lies, deceit, and deception. Victims often have no idea this individual they became involved with could ever do the terrible things they’ve done and then discard and devalue without remorse or recognition for their entire involvement especially when victims gave so much of themselves, loved, trusted, believed whole heartedly in the narcissist.
I understand the pain, remorse, depression, anguish, guilt, shame, anger &fear but I also understand the freedom, love, compassion, patience, empathy, strength, faith, power, and pride that exists both during and after the journey. Honestly the strength comes from within, and while our page can provide the education, knowledge, traits/characteristics/disorders and shed light about personal experiences and healing &recovery in the end the choice can only be made by one person < YOU >. The healing can only begin when you understand and acknowledge the emotions and be welcome to change and progression knowing they are not yours to own, that they were wrongly placed upon you by a narcissist who was too insecure in themselves and felt a need to tear others down so they can build themselves up. The healing continues when you learn to uncover all their is about narcissism, let the emotions go, and focus on your healing and the power of forgiveness which need not include the narc but need be present to allow yourself room to grow, change, and evolve. Focusing on you while maintaining a great loving support group with no further contact and or communication is crucial to survival and healing.
I’ve read articles about discussions on whether it’s wise to call the narcs evil, monsters, cowards, emotional vampires, along with some other negative connotations and while I can’t say I disagree I try to shy away from such adjectives and descriptive terms to describe narcs because I want this page to focus less on negative and more upon positive with the central focus being knowledge is power, strength is numbers, overcoming narcissism, reclaiming and rebuilding and finding your true identity and self after narcissism and giving back power to victims and survivors in understanding they are not alone and healing is possible, help does exist if need professional assistance. Noting such descriptive words will only be used for educational purposes here on this page and will be limited to show the terminology used with NPD.
Yes, the hell, torture, abuse, danger was and is real but to constantly stay focused upon that issue is to stay a victim in my personal opinion. I prefer to stay focused on change, betterment, realizations, and I’d hope by sharing personal stories it helps others to heal and recover and give light to an otherwise dark subject matter in knowing victims are not alone that victims need not remain silent and that the focus should be on a number of areas including but not limited to:using hope/positivity/faith/love/compassion/empathy/strength/courage/ and love for oneself. I understand that some sources of information may talk down about narcs may feel a sense of strength by portraying narcs in this light daily, but honestly to me the narcs are sick, mentally unstable, traumatized individuals who regardless of born or made need help but often don’t admit that they are to blame. I don’t feel remorse for narcs but I do feel they need help and are to self absorbed and sick to get help and to admit they have a problem even though I believe many of the narcs know they have a problem and this just keeps the cycle repeating over the years. It’s why many scholars state it’s not the narcissist they see receiving help but rather the victims who are left picking up the destructive pieces left behind from a narcissistic relationship that will often seek counseling and therapy.
As always we are here for anyone who needs us, and while I’m not a professional I can state my personal experiences with a narc who had severe mental/personality disorders for the past 11 years in the hopes that others might feel a sense of comfort, love, peace, inner harmony, strength, and willingness to let go of the silence and fear and move towards happiness, love, and peace in reclaiming and rebuilding their life while uncovering their true self after narcissism.
With love xoxo

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