Never Remain Silent About Narcissism~ Keep Telling Your Story

Trust victims when they tell you their stories of abuse~ I’ve found during my own personal struggles against narcissism and in telling my own story how truly difficult it becomes to simply have your voice heard. Highly regarded professionals such as lawyers, police, detectives, or judges must believe the victims. Often times friends or family find it’s difficult to process and understand just what you’ve experienced as a victim of abuse.

Regardless of how many times you’re discounted keep telling your story because you are helping others who are too afraid to speak out against violence. In my area my abuser was very well known, wealthy, had a high paying job, good career, highly involved in politics with numerous inside connections and networks, and heavy on donations to every charity from local colleges to local political parties. My narc always told me no one would believe my stories because of his wealth, power, prestige and yet it still didn’t stop me from telling my story. I knew somewhere, someone, in someway would one day have to sit down and hear me speak and acknowledge the truth about what happened behind closed doors. The evidence doesn’t lie, pictures of abuse, police reports, legal documentations, history of violence, it speaks volumes on the narcs behalf. I know what silence can do because I’ve had close friends die at the hands of their abusers and I didn’t want to become a statistic of domestic violence.

I spoke up and continue to speak because I know their are others out there all over the world that have similar stories, that have stayed with their abusers for a variety of reasons, and that are afraid to speak out. I speak because what happened to me is the truth, and because the courts often lack resources and knowledge about narcissism.
I speak because re-victimization occurs way too often and it needs to stop. I speak for those who can’t speak. I speak because narcissism is real, it isn’t a façade for the victim but reality and victims are suffering at the hands of their abusers~ Do not allow anyone to blame you, to try to make you think you are somehow the cause of the problem or worse you have narcissistic tendencies due to your involvement with a narc, or somehow that you are anything beyond normal because this is not the case.

I have a MPA degree the same degree as my narc and have worked alongside lawyers and public defenders. I graduated with high honors on the deans list and honors list, and belong to every high honor society organization. You cannot make the victim mentality up. There is no one on this planet that could make up this type of abuse with such vivid accuracy if they haven’t experienced such absurd, bizarre, behavior from the narc. ~Believe the victims their stories are real~Tell your stories and never be afraid to speak out against abuse~♥

2 thoughts on “Never Remain Silent About Narcissism~ Keep Telling Your Story

  1. Most people who have never been involved with a Narcissistic/ Sociopath cannot even begin to imagine the hell people go through. Your right! Victims need to share their stories.

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