Why Money Is The Root of Evil for The Narc~ Yet Victims Root is Love of Family

ImageLook at it from a different angle. The narcissist had nothing ventured nothing gained. You had everything invested including your heart and soul so yes it is hurtful and even more so if the narc was abusive/mind game warrior in every form. Many have asked how I made it out and the answer was this: I knew I had to protect myself and my kids after I was physically abused. I could no longer live like a “prisoner in my own home”. The fact I had no savings, income, employment, home,while my narc made threats about everything from removing me from our own home by way of constable to taking my car as marital assets , to not providing payments to live for that month non of it mattered it didn’t stop me from leaving. The fact I had no money, lost our home, lived off credit cards and had to pack 11 yrs of personal belongings alone with a bad back during daylight hours after our utilities were turned off didn’t stop me. The fact I lived off credit cards to raise a family of four one med disabled son awaiting arrearages over 15g’s while warrants and wages garnished against my ex narc didn’t stop me. You see even after having my kids college funds emptied of nearly 12g’s for all 3 accounts didn’t stop me. Why? Because I nearly died to have my kids. My son was born disabled and I had a placenta abruption. At that time in my life my ex spouse stated to pull the plug on our child (a huge red flag) yet I didn’t stop. Why? My kids are my life, my heart and my soul. The one thing he couldn’t do was destroy my soul. He wrongly assumed in his sick mind it was about $$ yet he failed to understand love of family trumps $$. Materials such as homes/cars/ assets are worth nothing if you have no heart , no love, no joy and no one to come home too. A house is just a house. So after a 4 yr divorce he took everything and we were left with a 7 yr old car with nearly 90g’s mileage and bankruptcy and yet I didn’t stop. You can never stop someone who refuses to give up. I’d never give my narc that satisfaction. When he tried convincing others that his spouse was crazy I produced my MPA degree I earned on my death bed after doctors told me I had 7% chance to live while my son struggled to live with 2% survival rate. I then reminded him of my dean’s list/honors list/ and every fraternity and award achieved for honors and personal achievements. I reminded him of just who did his work (while he resided five states away playing house with other women and only coming home for weekend visits for 13 yrs), ran his errands, placed his items on credit, and raised a family alone successfully while running a home alone and his rentals all while he took the credit. I created this site after years of living in fear, torment, abuse, neglect, and pain. I had no one to turn too, as no one understood the depth of narcissism.  I wouldn’t wish what happened to us to happen to even one more person. As for my narc I do not forgive him but I do forgive enough to let it go for my own personal healing and to be a productive/loving/nurturing mom to my children. I know the narc discarded/devalued w/o a second thought and so I sat and thought if he wouldn’t waste one last breath for his wife of 11 yrs  and his own kids then why would I let him rent space in my head?? You see the reason the narc targeted us in the 1st place was because we are everything he can never be, whether male or female the narcs will project back to you what they think we want to see. They are basically mirroring back to you what you put out there. So do as I did consider it a huge compliment that they wish they could be like you, move forward with your head held high in reserving your dignity, and know that the narcs actions speak volumes on their behalf w/o them even opening their mouths to utter the words. Save and document everything and show the true narc whether it’s by way of protection order, arrest papers, adoption paperwork, court records, support/alimony records, legal documents, txt messages to mistresses, garnishment records, warrants, pictures of abuse/damage to property, financial documents or whatever else you may have and let those documents speak on your behalf!! With love ‪#‎narcfree


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