The crazy odd behaviors of the narcissist

ImageQuestion how many of you experienced odd or strange behaviors from the narcissists? Of course I have too, and tried to find something related to this topic because it always made me curious as to why they acted so bizarre. For instance mine would turn his back and walk away in mid conversation, he would use chemicals while I was bathing or wood stain/paint in dead of winter w/o proper ventilation. He never answered your calls placed at work, and once home acted too busy to talk/have relationship like two ships passing in night/roommates rather than spouses, unless of course you were busy (that was perfect time). Never let anyone know we were married and near the end told me I was a “kept woman/business partner”.Never slept in bed unless he wanted something and would leave after his 30 min of fun for him (because of course that too was one sided). He never had face to face interaction, no expression, no affection. The only time I can recall holding hands was at our wedding (12 yrs ago), kissing was all but obsolete. Mine never walked with me side by side always blamed his foot problems yet he ran marathons? Go figure? He never wanted to be seen in public together, social outings were almost always out of the question, if he did go he acted immature, uncooperative, non communicative, expressionless to the point of wishing to go it alone. If you tried to discuss anything and it wasn’t going his way he’d throw temper tantrums like a two yr old and of course then the verbal accolades would come out. He was demeaning and would throw money at my feet knowing his family was dependent upon his income to live. Emotionally distant and reserved feeling superiority would result in our company having to wave their hands in front of him to garnish his attention. I’ve read on some sites that narcs also will just “appear” and mine was famous for it. I swear he tapped our phones/bugged our home because he always knew my next move especially when gathering evidence against him for divorce. He was very sneaky/secretive often hiding, never taking the same route when driving, never going from point A to point B, never allowed interior light to be on in the car at night. Lying was so commonplace even if just basics like what he wore to work that day. Never happy with mood swings that were beyond norm, never could relate to anyone on norm level, carry conversation, or joke with freely. He had no sense of romance, sex was a medial act, as he noted he could do it with anyone (robotic). He always would walk with clenched hands or shake his feet or hands claiming caffeine addiction? Never sat in same room together, ate together, or even on same couch together, if you were in the room at the time he’d walk out because of the loner persona, completely had no idea how to conduct normal relationship. Wined and dined the harem of women but treated me his wife like doormat material especially our kids. Never once held our children, showed up for their birth, or shown any affection such as holding hands, empathy, concern, or support. The few occasions times he attempted interaction with kids it was so bizarre. If raining you should hide under the table, kids should not have interaction but sit in front of tv or shop to buy their love, if room was cluttered from buying their love that was my fault, never played games with them, if on vacation (2 day limit) that I paid for he’d leave them in hotel with me. Oh yes vacays were for his enjoyment only! He simply packed his overnight bag, jumped in car, put head back while pretending to sleep to avoid communication, and was ready to go, all else was your job. His idea of food shopping or normal shopping together was hurrying inside w/o helping kids or gathering a cart, and run inside to wait for us to enter the store, while he would then get his coffee and read a magazine while you did all the work, and he’d like clockwork show up to pay and then leave so you could pack it up. He always seemed to look over his shoulder I assume this was do to the numerous affairs and adoptions he had with other married women that I learned occurred during divorce proceedings. Authoritative style, if he said “jump” you better do it. Everything he did was for his own self gain/benefit never concerned about anyone. The abuse was horrendous with every form imaginable including emotional, physical, verbal, psych, and financial.  Hired out help like water, felt it was beneath him even for basic household chores, taking garbage out, cutting grass, yard work, carrying groceries/appliances/air conditioners yet would claim after words no money to provide for his own family after doing these activities. I could write a novel on the odd behaviors….

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