Why Does He Hate Me~ Victims Feelings After Narcissism

Why does a narcissist hate you? It’s rather easy they are jealous, unable to achieve the same success, you make them look bad, or they simply look down upon you as far less than skilled. If someone dares to give you a compliment the narc will follow up with a criticism. The goal is to trump your success by making you feel inferior and the only way to achieve this goal is to criticize, demean, demoralize, degrade, humiliate, and if these don’t work they resort to violence, control, use of power, or finances to keep you silent and submissive. Beware of the narc rage by saying this: I LOVE YOU! This will infuriate a narc to no return because their is no such thing in their book of terms. A narc is incapable of love, and can’t relate to such an emotion. A narcissist is a misogynist and equates being loved with being ‘possessed, encroached upon, shackled, transformed, reduced, exploited, weakened, engulfed, digested and excreted ’The narcissist believes they are so unique that no one can ever really know or understand them.  The narcissist genuinely believes he/she is ONE of a kind. To say to a narc “I love you”, negates the feeling of uniqueness and he/she views it as trying to drag them down to the lowest common denominator. It threatens his/her sense of being ‘special’ as anyone and everyone is capable of loving …and even the basest human being can love. To the narcissist it is a primitive, common ability. The narcissist is usually well aware that he is a con artist, a fraud, an elaborate hoax, a hollow being. Narcs think any person who loves them is either lying (after all, what is there to love in a narcissist?) – or a dependent creature, blind and stupid, unable to detect the truth. The narcissist cannot tolerate the thought that they selected a liar or an idiot for a mate, so a declaration of love is an indirect criticism of the narcissist’s own powers of judgment. The narcissist hates love- however, and wherever, it is manifested. Thus, for instance, when his spouse demonstrates her love to their children, he wishes them all a horrible death. Narcs are pathologically envious of their spouse. The narcs feels that their children are extension of themselves and seen as objects thereby the narc  wishes they never existed and is seen as emotionally distant and detached from all things family related. Being a bit paranoid, narcs also believe spouses have a connection with children on purpose as payback against the narc, as if it’s being done on purpose, to remind them how miserable they are, how deficient and deprived he or she truly is in life. The narcissist regards the relationship with their children to be a provocation, an attack on his emotional well being.  Seething envy, boiling rage and violent thoughts are the flames consuming the narcissist’s brain whenever he sees other people happy. ~ This explains so much for even my own personal story that I’m happy to provide it too all of you here~ Administration @ The Lost Self -Life After Narcissism

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