Time To Move On ~Narc Free~

ImageIt’s time to move on when you have to hide the actions and behaviors of the narc from friends or family. When you have to make excuses for their behavior, have lost your independence/freedom/voice/confidence. If you feel your are constantly being watched/explain away your actions because of narcs insecurities within themselves, when you have to constantly “meet” the needs of another rather than them trying to meet your own. When you have to “LOWER” your standards and lose your sense of self. When you have more negative than positive, more unhappiness than happiness, more hate than love, it’s time to go.When the relationship goes downhill rather than up by remaining stagnant rather than growing, when you look forward to them leaving rather than coming, when you get that anxious pit in your stomach not knowing what is coming next/fearful/hurt/angered/depressed, when you fear abuse of every form while living as a prisoner in your own home, when you you live in daily fear of retribution/looking over your shoulder, when you are no longer appreciated but ignored. When your work becomes his/her credits, when you do manual physical labor and he/she hires household work out to the layman, when help/assistance becomes obsolete, and your personal health/safety/well being is ignored, when you no longer are a priority but an option. When you are married and he/she lives as single and the two of you no longer work as a team, when you lose the trust/communication/respect for one another it’s time to go! Add your own to the list but you will know when it’s time!!

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