The One sided Narcissist Relationship

The relationship with the narc is truly one sided. They are incapable of telling the truth& lack communication skills. Unable to be concerned over anyone but self, they will only be involved as long as their needs are being met. The reasons they have such destructive trails of past relationships isn’t because every ex was ‘crazy’ but because they are incapable of being reliable, honest, faithful, loyal, trustworthy, stable, committed,and believe the world owes them. They constantly crave attention to help stroke their ego because they have a superior complex and grandiose image. If they don’t get what they want they retaliate through rage by emptying their wrath upon you, trying to silence you into submission by using fear, threats, intimidation, or abuse. No contact is the safest way to deal with a narc, if this isn’t a possibility use limited contact and set up boundaries. Stay firm in your ways and stay strong. Make yourself the priority. #narcfree

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