The Narcs Targets

ImageNO ONE is immune from the narcs wrath. The narcissist knows that in order to get his needs met he or she must portray a false image, showing others exactly what they want to see in essence mirroring.It’s no surprise that after abuse victims will remain silent because they often feel they have no where to turn or confide in telling their story, or they may feel the abuse is so horrific who would believe them. Abuse is abuse, no matter if it was emotional, physical, verbal, psychological, or financial. Never remain silent because in telling your story you heal. In telling your story others will know the truth about narcissists. Your story helps to inform others and may just save someone else’s life from a narcissist. It was not your fault, your are capable of change. In moving forward you do not accept nor forgive but you learn to release and let go as it’s not yours to own. Let the pain, hurt, anger, betrayal, and negative emotions go back to the narc, and focus on acknowledging what happened and moving towards a positive happier truer self . You deserve peace, love, and happiness. ~♥~#silentnomore #narcfreeSee More


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