The Narc Harem~Groupies

A narcissist is similar to a hoarder in that they collect people not things. They view people as objects, meant to be used, they serve as either a supply, potential supply, or they have no purpose. A narc has a laundry list of people that he/she can manipulate to get exactly what they need. The Narcissist harem is comprised of ex-girlfriends, potential girlfriends and women who wish to be his girlfriend. Coworkers, friends and family are also included on their list. Basically anyone who will boast their sense of superiority and ego by placing them on a pedestal. A narc will always keep all options open never truly closing or ending any past relationships. Often the harem or as I like to call them “groupies” will stop at nothing to get with the narc, even selling themselves short. It’s rare harem members know one another. The notes that the victims could share would come crashing down on the narc if harem members knew of each other. Secrecy is the golden rule. The cycle works by finding a new target, placing the old targets on standby feeding them crumbs until needed and then bouncing between the two if need to in order to have a full supply.


One thought on “The Narc Harem~Groupies

  1. This is so true. What I have learned from the narc I was involved with that several of the groupies within the harem DO know one another but of course they didn’t realize it. There was always the “main supply source” he has on display. For example, after he kicked his wife off out in one of his “rages” when she told him she didn’t know how much more of his abuse she could take he tracked me down after more than 28 years on Facebook. I was the “high school sweetheart”. He kept me in the spotlight until he brought her back. Then he went back and forth between us (Neither of us had any idea what was going on) while he accumulated more within the harem. Several of these people were former classmates from school. He even went as far as to prey upon wives and girlfriends of his family members. I finally came to my senses and he settled for one of the groupies who he had discarded intermittently during the times we had dated and broke up many times in the past. I am now very close to his first and CURRENT wife along with several of his “mistresses”. It is amazing how many people have come out to “tell their stories” and were so glad to know they were not alone. Of course I am the main target in his Smear Campaign right now because the truth is being exposed but I could are less. I am so much happier now that I am aware and know what Narcissism is all about. Thank you for this post and raising awareness so that other’s can be educated as well.

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