The Lone Wolf Narcissist and His Sexual Ways

Narcissist are the lone wolfs of the world. They despise women because they must rely on them for stroking their egos and making them fulfill their needs to feel superior. They feel love with a women is a weakness. For a narc, sex is a mechanical act as he can do it with anyone. Women are seen as objects and supplies or targets. Often with male narcs you will find drama because they are afraid of boredom. Are narcs able to be committed or monogamous? NO , they can’t believe in monogamy or commitment. Doing the same thing with the same person is crazy. Love to a narc is pure weakness and they don’t tolerate stupidity, disease or dependence of which the narc feels love is all three. Narcs are very angry individuals because of their lack of success, awe inspiring ways, and power. They do not miss love because they are incapable of love and the very essence of what constitutes the meaning of love.

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