The Don Juan Charmer Narcissist


Narcissist are true charmers the Don Juan’s of the world. They have a honeymoon phase like no other, and will immediately gravitate towards you lavishing you with empty promises. However, what isn’t apparent right away is the need for them to fill a void within that is an empty hole that drains faster than it can be filled. Narcs need constant praise, attention, gratification , ego stroking, a sense of entitlement. Narcissist view people as objects with a purpose. They have very little meaningful relationships because of this reason. Exploitation and Manipulation are all too common.  As Dr Lynne Namka explains in her own words, “Disruption of the supply can bring about violence. quotes Ernest Wolf: “Narcissistic rage is a horse of a different color. Sometimes conditions occur which make a person feel totally helpless and powerless. This is an unbearable experience and results in that individual’s unlimited rage to destroy – destroy any opponent, anyone who is not for me is against me, destroy the world, etc. Unfortunately, this narcissistic rage does not disappear when the helplessness or powerlessness have disappeared. Rather, this type of rage goes on, and on and on and only very gradually sort of wears itself out.”” See Ernest Wolf at *Be aware and be observant and know that healthy relationships always involve an equal “GIVE & TAKE” ❤

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