The Bottomless Hole

ImageNarcissists will deplete you of everything you have leaving you as a shell of your former self. Never allow anyone this power and control over you. You have the ability to change, to love, to live a life that you could be proud of , leaving a lasting legacy that will shine on long after you are gone. Do not let the narc rob you of your voice, don’t let them use threats and or fear to control you and your ability to think clearly and effectively. Tell your story with love and let the world hear your voice and see your beauty and all the wonderful qualities that you possess. Let the narc stay in his/her miserable state of self, because they will never change, and will never be able to experience a happy, successful life full of love, harmony, peace, kindness, and compassion. Let your strength and utter tenacity drive you to be better and do better. Set your eyes upon the future and never look back upon your past. Your past has nothing else to say

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