Tell Your Story~ The Narc~ Silence No More

When was the first time you seen just a little bit of the true narc rearing out his or her ugly behavior and you misplaced the behavior or made excuses for it. Defending a narcs actions, hiding their behavior from friends and family only prolongs the pain and the feeling of helplessness often associated with narcissism. Your story is real, your feelings are real, what you experienced is real. You cannot hide the emotions because they will wreak havoc on your inner soul. Unfortunately, when a sociopath such as a Narcissist shows us who they are we must believe them. It does not get any better over time, they cannot change and become the loving caring person. They will never go back to the honeymoon phase ever please don’t waste your valuable precious time with this sick individual. It does not get better and in many cases just like in domestic violence cases the abuse will only get worse. You deserve more you deserve a life without constant judgement, betrayal, eggshells, torture, mind games, and relentless abuse of every form. You deserve the truth, not a façade or mirror image. You deserve love something you will never receive with a narcissist because they are simply incapable of loving another. See the narc for who they truly are an egotistical, self absorbed, passive aggressive, mind altering, sick person who needs serious help. #Jekyll/hyde #narcfreeSee More

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