Narcissists In Simpler Terms

ImageNarcissists always operate based on a matter of need and wants rather than love and commitment. You cannot have a relationship with someone who simply is unavailable to you. They will mirror what you expect to receive because they do not know their real true self. They have spent years living a lie, showing each and everyone who comes into connect a different version of themselves. Similarly to a chameleon, they will blend in, changing only when necessary to suit their purpose. Their victims often children and family are mere objects to the narcissist an extension of themselves for whom they will devalue and discard without any remorse. They are professionals in the mind games, using blaming strategies, love bombing, triangulation to get their needs met. Being in this type of one sided relationship only serves one ~the narc~. You will find in time that you gave more than you ever received (supply/target) . Narcissist are ego centric, with a grandiose egos, who feel they are superior to everyone, and that the world is somehow against them. They have a fight or flight mentality and will lash out upon anyone who tries to alter their beliefs. This type of trauma may have occurred in childhood as many cases reveal, however, it’s impossible to try  to alter this belief because narcs are set in their ways!

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