Narcissistic Personality Disorder (N.P.D.)

NPD(Narcissistic personality disorder) classification is applied to the narcissist who displays a pattern of deviant or abnormal behavior which creates carnage to the victims who’ve experienced the wrath. Victims often seek counseling when they are unable to cope with their life.  Narcissistic victims (any person harmed injured or killed by a person displaying pathological narcissism which ranges  in severity on the spectrum) are often left feeling torn, confused, shamed humiliated, berated, chastised, shocked angered, hurt, and bewildered. They have a story to tell; therefore they need someone to become an active listener, and to validate what has happened to them. The validation of the person’s experience is vital. Victims are not mad, however, frequently they appear highly strung or nervous, and their levels of fear may be high, while their level of self-esteem is low. They may show signs of obsessive compulsive behaviors, phobias, panic attacks. They may experience insomnia, and may have underlying eating disorders, so you may notice they are either under weight (as a means of having some control), or overweight (as a result of eating to self-comfort). Victims suffer from Re-living (flashbacks, hallucinations, nightmares etc), Avoiding (people, places, thoughts, loss of interest etc), and Increased Arousal (excessive emotions, problems relating, difficulty in sleeping and concentration, outbursts of anger, anxiousness, panic attacks etc). You may also notice that they  “dissociate” while you are talking to them. Victims will often internalize and compartmentalize experiences.”; in so doing, they may appear to be detached from their emotions, body, or immediate surroundings, this experience is called derealization.

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