Master Puppeteers

ImageNarcissists are like a bottomless hole. The more you sacrifice the more is expected from you and the more they take without ever giving in return. They will devalue and discard without a moments notice and will have a new supply waiting before you even leave the relationship. Narcissist are master puppets and cons and will use whatever tactic available(gaslighting, blaming, triangulation, love bombing) and all forms of abuse(physical, verbal, emotional, psychological and financial)to to get you to be submissive and dependent upon them. They are sick twisted individuals who use mind games, threat, intimidation, fear, blame to get targets to be at their beckon call servicing their every need. Victims are left confused, hurt, anger, betrayed, emotionally withdrawn and physically exhausted from trying to do it all for their narc, while the narc simply walks away without regret or remorse for the trail of destruction left behind. NO ONE is immune from the narcs wrath. It takes years of recovery to overcome the torment, torture, and abuse that was wrongly placed upon the victims. Having supportive friends/family/support groups does help, as well as having a good nest egg to fall back upon especially for emergency purposes. In order to recover you need to heal internally first by focusing on your needs, owning what happened, and doing what is best for you which stands to reason you must let it go and release the emotions the narc placed upon you. They don’t belong to you as this is their problem and their behavior. You cannot be held responsible for anyone’s action but your own (remember this). Their is light and love at the end of the tunnel if your willing to leave your comfort zone and the stale/stagnant one sided relationship with the narc. Once in recovery you will find that breaking up with the narc and letting go is the greatest gift you could’ve given to yourself.

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