Hope After Narcissism~ Is Recovery Possible?


People often wonder what they can do to overcome during recovery from the narc relationship. For me I have always volunteered but after the abuse I suffered, I couldn’t just keep it quiet. I first broke the silence in telling my story and using factual images/documentation to back it up. The narc is an expert manipulator/liar and can convince the most well educated individuals even myself with a Masters. I learned the hard way through devalue and discard that my 11 yr marriage and our 3 kids (one disabled) meant absolutely nothing. We were pawns, objects, extensions of himself. Through this pain and hurt I learned that internalizing this was holding me back. I decided to let it go, not forgive, but try to process it for my own well being by being productive, helping others, and having more empathy for others who experienced similar circumstances. Increasing my volunteer hours, and being on the front line for many nonprofit organizations opened my eyes to the pain and suffering others endure in silence. How widespread and unfortunate that others still suffer in our world today. Helping the less fortunate is not only a worthy thing to do, but it helped me to heal. I was transformed by their own personal reflections that made me appreciate myself in giving me the ability to count my blessings. Writing was a great outlet to release my story, and help others in dealing with narcissism and narcissist recovery. Taking care of you is primary concern , make sure you do what makes you happy whether it’s working out at local gym, planting a garden, spending more time with family, or focusing on career goals ~ focus on you~.   I pray no one experiences what me and my children endured, but unfortunately I know for many this is all too real. I’m living proof that even through homelessness, abuse of every form, divorce, no child/alimony for nearly 2 yrs living off credit cards to raise a family own, bankruptcy, and all the repercussions that follow, that you can make it. You have to believe you can. ~<3~

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