Fight or Flight ~ How the Narc thinks and perceives the world~

ImageNarcissists live in a constant state of me vs. them, fight or flight, positive is always negative. For them they transmit and process differently than the norm. Narcs need to be admired and have constant attention if they don’t receive this it’s processed as anger in their minds and they react by showing temper tantrums or worse case rage/wrath. Can you just imagine the amount of anxiety the narcs feel daily? Having to constantly worry about changing their image to best suit themselves. They are a walking contradiction with desires to have emotional security and a need to be alone at the same time. On top of the need to rid themselves of this anxiety, their actions are also self-esteem  driven. Because Narcs derive self-worth from the people and things in their environment, the choices they make and the things they do must reflect that. Most of the time a narc isn’t thinking of anyone else. So what does a narc think?,”‘how does this make me look,” hurting others is usually an unfortunate repercussion, which he or she often never even examined. So in these two respects no a narc is not really aware of their behavior. What then happens if they desire a certain unattainable goal is to use manipulation. Narcissists will make empty promises and wants everything on their terms. They certainly know what they are doing is wrong, but it’s about placement, self image, control, power, success and they stop at nothing to achieve these goals similarly to drug addicts who need a fix. Whether they must lie, cheat, steal, or commit a crime they will forge ahead regardless of whom or what suffers from their actions. The other side of things is that narcs perceive others overreacting to their behavior as simply they are wrong never believing they could be the one with the problem. If you remove a moral compass, empathy , and conscience what do you have left? A NARC!

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