Discard and Devalue

ImageDealing with the aftermath is never easy. However understanding your emotions, allowing yourself time to heal, and proper placement of the narcs behavior can help. Give the emotions back to the rightful owner. You are only responsible for your own actions not the narcs!! The narc discarded and devalued with the idea that targets would then stay in this mental frame of mind, revictimizing themselves long after they leave. Once a victim realizes this they then can begin to heal, take the apology never given, and accept what happened. Knowing you can’t change the past helps you to concentrate on building a new future. Rather than play into the narc mind game I learned to reverse the process and outwit and outsmart the narc at every turn. Narcs can’t twist facts when legal documents exists. Narcs believe their above the law, superior human beings. However the wheels of justice will eventually catch up. Document everything because it’s the best way to showcase the true narc! They may run from those they discarded and devalued but they cannot hide and discredit the paper trail of destruction that speaks volumes on their behalf! #MPAdegree

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