Dealing with the Narc in your Life


You would have better luck hitting the lottery than dealing with a narcissist. Please don’t waste your valuable time and energy as they are a bottomless pit. Just know you tried your best, it’s not your fault, you are not a therapist/doctor who can diagnose their behavior with certainty. Just know that the narc experiences are not yours to own and move forward counting your blessings and seeking hope and a wiser truer self for the future. Lessons learned are at least lessons, as I know many who were not so fortunate and have lost their voice permanently from domestic violence and narcissists. Narcs are not to be taken lightly, if you are being abused please seek professional help as shelters and helplines are available as well as free legal advice and pro bono or court appointed attorneys for those with low income. Trust me being without is better than the alternative of being a prisoner, caged in , unable to have a voice and be free to love and enjoy life. #narcfree4yrs

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