ImageThe funny thing about this is they actually believe their lies. Narcs are wonderful cons/chameleons. They can fluctuate with the wind to suit any need at a moments notice. They are cool, calm, calculated always scheming/planning/looking for next supply after the current one becomes depleted/exhausted. What is ironic is how the narc takes credit for all your hard work/dedication. Personally even with my MPA degree, high honors, deans’ list, honors list, and every award on the planet the narc still tried to play the mind games. When it didn’t work, I turned the game around by outwitting him at his own game. Amazing how they think everyone will just accept them at face value without ever questioning their motives. Never stay quiet, because the truth is always better than the well dressed lie. Never make them think they have the upper hand, because the ball is always in your court. You do not have to remain silent. Documentation is the best form of defense, as well as educating yourself against narcissism. Set up the boundaries and maintain a no contact policy if able. If violence is an issue file a protection order or seek immediate shelter or contact local domestic violence agency. Looking back I laugh, because what he failed to tell others is that I managed to raise 3 kids alone (who are wonderful loving kids with great grades in school)while he resided five states away for 13 yrs. with weekend visits. I tended to a 3story(4bed/3bath) home that had maid service before I moved in as well as a professional landscaper (guess who took both of those new titles) as well as helped effectively run our rental business. I raised a medically disabled son alone even though it was requested I have a nurse on site daily and had to drive nearly two hours for frequent check ups/surgeries at local children’s hospital. Amazing the accomplishments one person can achieve absent of the narc. Crazy? Nope Just SMART!See More

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