A Narcs Love~ Is it the real deal?

So in the end the question always remains did he love me? Lets first look at a healthy relationship defined it means to be able to communicate, deal with issues, concerns or commitments. It means to be present, work with your partner, compromise, having their best interest in mind. It means support, having someone to protect and nurture your needs and reciprocate in kind, it means having the ability to listen and understand emotions and most importantly the ability to love. This can’t happen in a narc relationship. He dumps any issues that may arise upon you and walks away without communication. His weird behaviors/temper tantrums/rage escalates if you don’t do as your told. Manipulation becomes the tool of choice to prevent further questioning blaming you for everything that has gone wrong in his life. The narc is simply an immature child unable to grow up and be a responsible adult. Attention seekers who need their ego stroked at all times. The victims are a mere supply providing anything the narc needs including sex, attention, admiration, nurturing, and often if kids are involved they take the narcs responsibility in being the parent to the children so the narc can walk away from raising children on his own. Narcs are incapable of love as normal people classify it, they instead are into selfish greed, possession, and wants. They want unconditional love but never reciprocated to those who are providing it to them!! As soon as you express your need for affection/attention/admiration or question his motives and behaviors he will exit stage right and replace you without hesitation. You can’t always know what is going on inside the tortured mind of the narcissist. The one thing you can know is that he or she is unable to truly give you what you want, need and deserve; a whole, healthy relationship. So whether you leave or the narcissist leaves, you are better off. If you tell yourself that you loved him and he loved you to the best of his ability given what he had to work with, you can finally make peace with it all and let him go to be who and what he is a narcissist.

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