Why Targets Love Narcissists

Why Targets Love Narcissists

Have you ever wondered why selfish, arrogant, and entitled individuals are so charming? These narcissistic people have parasitic effects on society. When in charge of companies they commit fraud, demoralize employees, and devalue stock. When in charge of countries they increase poverty, violence, and death rates. How do they do this? Well for starters they dress the part. They care a lot about appearance and dress to impress signaling a “status” that makes them attractive. Narcissists are experts at manipulating blame to go in their favor. They will take credit for others work and will appear to be a hard worker. When things go right they are present, when things are going poorly they are no where to be found, and abandon the situation placing blame on anyone other than themselves. Because they focus on power, control, and winning at all costs they are able to take leadership roles with ease. Character traits like charismatic, overconfident, and selfish are the perfect recipe for leadership roles. When dealing with charismatic individuals, a good rule of thumb is to delay making decisions — whether to hire that person, promote them, or take them on as clients — until you work out who they really are. Not all charismatic people are narcissistic, but many narcissists are charismatic, and the more charismatic they are, the more time it takes to spot them

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