The Narcissistic Family

The Narcissistic Family

The narcissistic family hides profound pain. The narcissistic family operates according to an unspoken set of rules. Children learn to live with those rules, but they never stop being confused and pained by them, for these rules block children’s emotional access to their parents. They are basically invisible – not heard, seen or nurtured. Tragically, conversely, this set of rules allows the parents to have no boundaries with the children and to use and abuse them as they see fit. Narcs have an image to maintain to the outside world behind closed doors is when the masks falls and the Jekyll and Hyde personality appears. Narcissists are abusive, emotionally distant, non supportive, having a history of family secrets, unable to show love; communication; affection; or encouragement. In 13 yrs my ex narc never held our children, never encouraged them, never protective, never provided beyond just the basics. Parenting to him was simply the basics and nothing else. Co-Parenting was non existent, their was no love, no affection, no emotion, no connection as married couple raising family together, no discussion and communication was impossible and obsolete. No involvement or playtime with the children with years of empty promises.

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