Spotting A Narcissist Online

Spotting A Narcissist Online

In real life narcissists gain friends but those friends eventually see the true narc and leave. Online is different, as others will simply not follow a narc, and ignore their behavior. Narc gravitate towards “selfies” and posting pics of themselves online. They seek to post the most attractive/attention seeking photos. If there’s an opportunity to look good, get attention, to appear attractive and to gather followers, it’s going to draw narcissists,” Campbell says, “whether it’s politics, media or social media.”

2 thoughts on “Spotting A Narcissist Online

  1. Man my ex was exactly like that. The first time i asked her out. She gave me her number so i texted her and said here’s my number and she replied with a picture of her!!! I tripped me out I had jus gotten out of prison Anyway as much as i love her the narc abuse from her led to physical abuse from me . Doesn’t make a right but while we were trying to make it right we were going to counseling and narc abuse is a daily thing and I was a physical intimidator professionally diagnosed by the way when the focus shifted on her very quickly within the first few sessions she didn’t want to going and she left refuse counseling and then Left but I don’t believe that i shouldn’t be in contact with her and like that because God can heal everything anyway that’s my opinion on it

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