Narcissistic Abuse Survivors

Narcissistic Abuse Survivors

As a survivor of narcissism, silence/disassociation was the only way to cope. Fast forward 13 yrs later after an 11 yr marriage to the narc, and not only did things not become better, they became much worse. Left without a home, income, support, or any means to survive while raising 3 children alone and facing mounting financial problems(bankruptcy)associated with a lengthy 4 yr divorce battle with my narc and you will just begin to hit the tip of the iceberg. I found myself questioning how it would even be possible and questioned where to even begin the process. My narc discarded our family without hesitation. Refusal to pay support, tuition, medical, or anything to deal with the family he just left behind became common place. Warrants, wage garnishments, contempt of court actions, icc violation/arrest ,arrearages, protection from abuse orders, police reports, court hearings, probation, anger management, alcohol and drug programs soon became the new norm for my narc. Through love and support of friends and family I found my way, but it was no easy task. Please don’t make the common mistake of being compliant and being provided less than what you deserve.The narc is incapable of providing what a loving healthy relationship needs in order to thrive and grow. You cannot change someone who doesn’t believe they have a problem. You will never receive that apology or that explanation you need to validate their actions and you will simply waste your precious time and energy, while putting your own life , health, and future in jeopardy. Narcs will ruin your mere existence slowly taking every last piece till their is nothing left. Do not wait till you’re totally depleted before leaving such a hostile/volatile situation. Educate yourself and become knowledgeable, focus on you, establish healthy boundaries, and maintain no contact in the future.

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