Several Shades of Smeared

Several Shades of Smeared

The narcs are masters at beginning the smear campaign way before you end the relationship to get others to not believe your truths when you finally get to respond to their lies. As Kim noted The reason that everyone now runs in the opposite direction from you is because the Narcissist has been smearing your reputation since before the relationship even ended.  The two main reasons for this are: 1) All relationships are doomed in the Narcissist’s mind and he wants to get a running start on assassinating your character. 2) He assumes you will vent to people in your shared social circle, and he wants to ensure he cuts you off at the pass so you will look unstable when you muster the audacity to seek support.  These actions are to preserve the false image he’s portrayed all along. When it comes to the smear campaign, no one is off limits to the Narcissist’s virtual mega-phone.  They remember people you met once at a restaurant two states over, and will casually show up in that locality just to make sure no one still thinks of you in a positive light. However, the one mistake the narc made is in leaving a paper trail of legal documents. For example I located several documents against my narc, documents that DO NOT LIE! Whether police reports, adoption papers, warrants for failure to pay child support, protection orders, arrest papers, newspaper articles about prior criminal behavior, court documents, financial documents , taxes, probation papers, and the list goes on the narc may run but they can never run to far from the truth. In time the truth will always surmount the well dressed lie. Best advise against the smear campaign document everything and hide those papers, the narc will come to find them using whatever tactics they deem necessary to keep you silent.

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