The Narcissist After The Break Up

The Narcissist After The Break Up

If only it could be as easy as No Contact , or creating boundaries, or simply focusing on you, while learning all you can about the narcissist.I know it’s not that black and white but it is possible to overcome, the reality is you will learn to grow, and evolve from the relationship slowly, it may take months or years, but it’s better to have lost a relationship than to stay in one in which your needs are not being met. The initial reaction to the breakup, is of course that the Narcissist will be angry and will try to boomerang you back into their lives because they need constant adoration. If you no longer adore them they will find a new source of supply so beware of the quick fixes as the narc will put his best act to you in order to conquer you and control you. If you validate him by reacting he’ll move on to the next victim. Never lose yourself in the process, always stay true to you, and remember while it may take time it’s worth the effort to heal and rebuild.

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