The High Price To Pay For Mothers in Divorce with Narcissists

The High Price To Pay For Mothers in Divorce with Narcissist

Truth be told, the fallacy that moms are still making a killing when seeking divorce is similar to the continued fantasy that Santa Claus really does exist. You’ve been snowed if you believe, as a woman, that the current economic and legal “divorce and custody” climate will award you a bunch of money in the form of alimony, child support, and two weeks paid vacation in both winter and summer. The only guarantees either party will receive when filing for divorce are huge legal bills. Past that, everything is up for grabs including custody of the children.   I have obtained a MPA degree & the master judge at dro had asked me what course matter I took in high school over 20 yrs ago but didn’t request the same of the ex husband. The judge will say that your parents can provide daycare even though they are elderly, hard of hearing, diabetic, fixed income, rather than request the ex husband to assist with raising his own. The master judge will note on record, you are only a “stay home mom” as if having 3 kids/raising them alone for 13 yrs while the ex-husband visited on weekends from 5 states away, and with a disabled son who required round the clock care was a walk in the park. The judge will not care if you have to live off credit cards for two years to support your 3 kids, while they delay the hearings for the ex husband and delay his court appearances, after all you can’t expect a normal person to appear on their court appointed time right? Nah not in Luzerne county, oh and please don’t tell them you were abused because his atty will tell you that you deserved the abuse. The only sensible person I found in court was the court appointed lawyer who shook his head as my family waited for support living without income for nearly 2 yrs. If their is a history of abuse, domestic violence, pfa/arrests/probation don’t expect that information to be taken seriously even if it just happened less than 2 yrs ago as it won’t be looked at if he’s seeking shared custody? Yup not important, even with pfa and pd records. If you file, make sure you have a nice nest egg, as it will cost you everything you own, and the legal system won’t care if you haven’t worked in 13 yrs to raise kids, they won’t care you can’t get employment with mpa degree, they will demand payment, and yes even after filing bankruptcy, and while on assistance. The end!

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