The Apology That Isn’t Coming

The Apology That Isn’t Coming

Direct quote taken from,”The Apology That Isn’t Coming”. “Personally, as someone who is healing and recovering from the narcissistic cycles that feed each other in an endless paradox, I know that these cycles can only be changed when the scapegoat discovers their role in this system, and becomes aware that it does not coincide with their true self, that it doesn’t reflect their true identity, it does the opposite. It comes when the scapegoat flicks the light on from the inside, and goes through a process of self discovery, and obtains a degree of legitimate self awareness. When these realizations are made, the scapegoat can break apart from the role. They can put distance between the abuse and manipulation. They can differentiate between self, and fake self. The fake self they were made to believe they are, and the negative emotions that they used to take on with this fake self. They can deflect it with the automatic notions that comes in knowing their own truth.”

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