Modus Operandi for Sociopaths. I’m sure most if not all of us have been subjected to the narcs terms. Narcs always begin to assess the target to see what it is you have that they want. The next phase of course is idolization- when the narc praises you, the pedestal moment or honeymoon phase to make you feel special this way you will feel obligated to give more of yourself to the narc often over time losing yourself in this stage, and then the devalue stage will start in the relationship. This is when the narc will know that they have received from you what they need, and that if you expect anything in return it would be not be reciprocated, because the narc answers to “no one”. The last stage for the narc is discard as they will treat you as non existent and move on to the next target/supply which they already have lined up and waiting nearby. There is really nothing the victim can do to stop the process as they are blindsided till after the fact, and are left to pick up the broken pieces. What you can do in recovering, is to know it’s not your fault, and you are not to blame. The new target will eventually see the mask fall and will experience the same, and the narc will never change. You can change and you can move on to a more purposeful life. #narcfree


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