Sociopath In Your Life

Sociopath In Your Life

When we hear the word sociopath, we often do not think they can be charming, intelligent, lovable and charismatic but of course this is only on the surface. Usually what motivates a sociopath is selfish personal gain which they use to intimidate others for their own personal gain. They will lie, cheat, defraud, without any guilt or remorse. If caught, they apologize, state it will never happen again, and the cycle repeats. You can probably trace the roots of their behavior to early childhood trauma/parental abuse, and they continue this through adults often unable to socialize well with others especially with co-workers.  As Dennis Challeen notes,” In spite of these social failures, they have a superiority attitude, aggrandized self-image , opinions and intellect — while disregarding or discounting the intelligence, opinions or advice of other.” They love to play lawyer viewing the legal system as a challenging game. They often fake rehab and or remorse to get out with early release. The victim of course will be to blame for their behavior as they never take responsibility. Their promises are meaningless, and even if imprisoned it is rare they can be rehabilitated.

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