Recovering From Narcissists Toxic Relationships

Recovering From Narcissists Toxic Relationships

So often I’m asked so how did you break free from your narc? The answer is not black and white nor is it easy. It took me 7 yrs of an 11 yr marriage to see the real narc at face value. I filed a protection order, support, and then worked on divorce. It took nearly 4 yrs to divorce before I could even begin to even think of myself for a change. I had to “re invent” myself after 13 yrs of being a stay at home mom of three. I re-examined and restructured my entire life rebuilding it from the top down and from the inside out. One thing you must learn after recovery is to focus on you. Your time is precious and valuable and you should never waste such precious time with anyone who cannot reciprocate in kind. Know that narcs won’t change. They are incapable of settling down with anyone much less being committed in marriage. You are only kidding yourself if you think a narc can be faithful. Narcs are entertainers and are always looking for their devoted groupies. Always on stage, always seeking attention, always needing others to validate them. Narcs are toxic and the only way to recover is to walk away from anything that no longer serves you. Begin recovery my redirecting and refocusing your time, energy, talents to better use. A famous saying, “Let go or be dragged” is so important, because it’s up to you to decide what you will or won’t accept. Focus on personal commitments you want to achieve, rediscover what makes you tick, what you like or dislike. Focus on doing what you love, maybe reconnect with old friends or branch out and make new ones. Whatever you do to recover, know that you can heal and overcome ~ The Lost Self Life after Narcissism is here to help you on that journey. ~♥~

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