Pathological Lying

Pathological Lying

This is quite interesting read about pathological lying and narcissism. I’m sure you’ve been told that everyone lies right? True, but normal people lie to hide the shame they feel about wrongdoings or because they fear the consequences of their mistakes. But, there are other people who lie habitually, with the intent to deceive and manipulate others for their own personal gain, and they do not feel bad about doing it. In fact, they revel in it. These people are pathological liars, and they are psychopaths. Not only are most lies damaging, psychopathic lies are beyond the scope of what most people can even imagine when they think about lying. So then why do narcs/psychopaths lie? For domination, control, power, thrill, sympathy vote, and of course, they are the most convincing of their actions. Narcs can fool even the most skilled individuals.

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