Narcissists Relationships

Narcissists Relationships

Narcissists look at the world through a lens that has him or herself at center. Their needs and wants tend to supersede those of others. Others are typically there in the service of their needs as targets/supplies. Unfortunately narcs will charm their way to win you over during the honeymoon phase, they will then progress gradually after each level when they know they have achieved your adoration to a one sided relationship, then blame which is when the turmoil ensues, and will eventually progress to target dependency as the victim then feels dependent for any affection and adoration he or she can find from the narc. The narc will give but little (narc crumbs) keeping the target controlled until the target eventually realizes it is not working or has exhausted themselves of their entire self. The target with low self esteem may initiate a separation after an extended period of time, however, the strong target will see the narc for what he/she is and will often leave immediately when the boundaries are crossed. Never put your life on hold, life is too short, learn that this is a problem associated with the narc and move on for your health and safety.

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