Narcissists and Revenge

Narcissists and Revenge

Narcissists will act out especially before and after a divorce. Narcs cannot let go~not because they love their former partner~ but because they want to psychologically destroy them. Narcs become revengeful during divorce seeking to plot out acts of revenge, using bullying tactics to threaten to take it “all”. After divorce a narcissist will begin the smear/rumor campaign against their former partner, they will use custodial arrangements to try to make the spouse/partner upset. Not because they want to spend more time with their children, but instead because it’s another way to get you to feel the pain and anguish that is inside of them. To avoid this unnecessary drama is not often easy. You must try to avoid contact and do not engage the narc. Learn as much as you can about narcissism and recovery, and continue to heal yourself by not focusing on the revengeful tactics of the narc.

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