Life According To Me

Life According To Me

Personal hardships are their to challenge you to leave your comfort zone. Regardless of the situation you are currently facing whether it’s financial or economic problems, legal matters, career endeavors, or resolving a narcissist relationship ~ if you stay focused on what matters you can not only attain~ but achieve the desired end result.
Your problems are real.
Tell an unemployed person that everything will be ok when they can’t get a job or even count on unemployment.
Tell someone who has been abandoned by their love, that one day they will find a better love
Tell someone that lost their home with all their memories that this was a blessing in disguise
Problems are REAL and Problems HURT.I learned this the hard way when I faced my own challenges. I had to accept and understand my role in my problems but it wasn’t about feeling sorry for my role. It was about recognizing that I too could create something better. My mistakes were really bad and my residual effects were painful. I could not afford to continue living as I did, my only choice was to RE-INVENT me. I had to get uncomfortable, I had to push myself past my limits, I had to do things no one I knew had done, only because in my heart I knew it was time to pursue a vision. I had no money, I did not have all the skills, knowledge and I did not have contacts that could help me. But I knew that I could not stay where I was, I knew that hose things that did not work in my life needed to stay in my past. I needed to make room for new and that could only happen by me choosing to create new.
Your Problems are Real but so is your Potential. You might find it impossible to believe because your pain is so vivid, so painful. But my question is, what can you lose? If you are living a life that is less than perfect, why not push yourself toward better? Can it hurt more than the reality?
My life is far from perfect, I sometimes wonder if I am on the right track and at times I wonder if I can reach those dreams. But then I look back at where I was and I see where I have come and I know that it does not matter if I still have ways to go, I have come a long way and I will continue to push forward.
Your Problems are real, but not more real than your POTENTIAL.



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