Let It Go

Let It Go

Recovery from narcissism cannot work if you don’t release emotions and feelings associated with the narc, because in letting go it allows you to recover. While it takes time to heal, and it’s not as easy as just simply letting go, it’s imperative that you find the strength, determination, and will to move forward. In moving forward you allow yourself to heal. Personally this was the hardest thing to do, is in knowing and understanding that acknowledgement and confirmation will never come, because narcs don’t feel they have done any wrong. Remember they lack empathy, they are emotionally distant, and are incapable of truly providing what you need in a relationship. They mirror what they think you want to see from them, and their existence/life is a mere façade of themselves. So instead of waiting for an apology or affirmation which will never come, and allowing the pain and hurt to continue to wreak havoc upon you, you must try to get up each day with a new vision and purpose. This doesn’t mean that what happened to you wasn’t important and it certainly doesn’t diminish your feelings, it simply means their comes a time when holding onto the pain becomes unbearable and holds you back, and it’s worth it for your sanity and your soul to release these emotions. Some have suggested writing down your emotions, journaling, telling your story, learning about narcissism, perhaps seeking help through support groups or counseling. Whatever it takes, and whatever works best for you, do that because you have to release it and let it go.


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