How Long Does It Take To Recover From Narcissists?

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Narcissists?

There is never a time limit to recovery because it depends on so many other factors. However, some suggests 1-2 yrs (12-24months) to recover from narcissists. Why so long? One reason is you were in love. The narc mirrored your personality and manipulated your dreams. You probably have never worked so hard to make the relationship work. You were invested in every way and in every detail. You spent so much time and energy only to be left discarded and devalued. In the beginning you were on cloud 9 being made to feel like you were the “one”, until you seen subtle hints of problems, and then were given the gaslighting, triangulation, silent treatment, and fed an abundance of lies. Regardless of how long it takes, never blame yourself and certainly for not healing as fast as you would like. It takes time, but you will see that with each passing day it will become better

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