Domestic Violence No More

Domestic Violence No More

How often have you heard why didn’t you just leave, why did you stay for so long if it was so bad? It’s hard to explain to others just what you had to endure, how it affected every moment of your life, and how the abuse you endured was simply too much to handle. The narcissist can fool even the experts and even someone like myself who graduated with high honors, dean’s list, honors list, MPA Graduate, with undergrad degrees in criminal justice. I worked with the public defenders office, I did my undergrad internship with attorneys, and yes even I was fooled. You do not know what you have until it’s too late, until the mask falls, and by then they have you where they want you in the relationship. Personally I had no where to go, no other place to stay, no income, no employment, no savings, nothing to work with to leave. I had to live off credit cards for two years to support my family while homeless awaiting support which had to be garnished. I can’t tell you how painful this was, yet you have to find the strength and courage to keep on fighting not only for yourself, but for those dependent upon you for survival. It takes a on average 12-24 months to recover and for many it takes many years. It’s not impossible but you must first make the decision to try! Take the chance I promise you won’t regret it!

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