Divorcing A Narcissist

Divorcing A Narcissist

Divorcing a narcissist is not an easy nor pretty task. Often these high conflict cases are riddled with high drama, tension, and turmoil that makes them difficult to deal with effectively. Narcissists will often make winning at any cost their primary objective and will stop at nothing to obtain this goal leaving their targets emotionally distraught, mentally/physically exhausted, and in financial ruins. They see the court system as a means to an end, in that they do not want the truth to be revealed about them, and so they will seek revenge through legal avenues. Narcissists come up with crafty ways of doing this from making up untrue statements to creating fabricated statements, to even finding loopholes within the system to their benefit. In many cases they will prolong cases, delay hearings, or simply not show up for court cases simply because they feel they can and feel they are above the law. They feel superior to others, and will dress the part, so they have this arrogance/appeal about them that can fool even the most skilled individual. Documentation is your best defense because a narc is so good at lying that the truth is often blurred. In many cases justice is not served, and many victims often feel re-victimized from the hearings. Victims have expressed feeling they were misunderstood, not taken seriously, or were up against a “pro” someone with years of experience deceiving others. Our hope is someday the system in all faucets from master and family judges, to court systems/ judicial process, even down to domestic relations/case workers, understand the process of narcissism and how it affects those involved. Though justice may not be served in your terms, justice will be served “eventually” and I hope all of us are around to see that day.

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