Dear Narc,

Dear Narc,

Ever wonder if you wrote a letter to the narc what it might say?
I think for me revenge/retaliation was never an option. For me: I would thank mine for giving me even more strength to carry on with my life. I never knew how truly strong I was till I was left with absolutely nothing, no home, no job, no income, bankruptcy, and a family to tend to. I look back now and think how lucky and blessed I am, and how grateful I am to be able to see tomorrow. Freedom for me shall never be taken for granted. At first I was dazed, confused, angered, hurt, saddened by the end result. I didn’t know where to even begin, sitting one day thinking to self, I have to start somewhere and feeling so many emotions at once was mind boggling. I decided to use that energy to create a positive memory by increasing my volunteer hours with nonprofits. As a volunteer for 13 yrs I decided to take that pain/hurt and use my story to help others. One such place was Ruth’s Place House of Hope in which I walked retraced a two mile walk during their annual walkathon to show what’s like for homeless women and children to survive in our area. Volunteer work for me was my outlet in helping me heal. When I became upset over my situation I looked to others less fortunate which helped me to see how grateful these individuals were with so much less. I’ve done so many good things since being narc free that I’d love to simply say,” Thank you” because of you so many others have benefited from my volunteer work!!! I now look to the good in every situation. That’s not to say I don’t have my moments, we all do, but when I do, I get up and head to the gym, I volunteer, I write/blog, I do whatever I need to do for me. You can do the same! Focus on you, and be glad you’re not the narc. I can’t imagine living my life not being true to self. Narcs can never change. They can never love, they will never experience a more satisfied, loving, life in every sense like you!

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