Cycle Of Abuse~ Honeymoon To Hell~

Cycle Of Abuse~ Honeymoon To Hell~

“The honeymoon behavior draws the woman in and keeps her invested in the relationship,” writes Cory in When Love Hurts. “The tension-building and explosion create fear, confusion and uncertainty that make any move to step away from the relationship dangerous and costly. The overall effect of living with the cycle is that it is exhausting and overwhelming.” There are three phases of abuse in the cycle: Honeymoon (Entrapment), Tension Building (Fear) and Explosion (Escalation of abusive tactics,this is the hell part of the cycle of abuse!).If you’re a woman who is being abused, you are not the reason he is abusing you. You are not responsible for his mood swings, anger, problems, or life. Abusers blame their victims, and emotionally manipulate their victims. To stop the cycle of abuse, you need to find a way to walk away from the relationship. Get strength, power, wisdom, and support from women’s distress lines, shelters, and people who understand the dynamics of abuse.”

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